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ApplicantStream Gold


ApplicantStream is the fully mobile recruiting solution for high volume recruiting and management of evergreen jobs and ads. Job applicants feed through any job board into ApplicantStream (and this mobile App) - vet them herein and put them on your call list. Call them right from your phone or tablet (including Google Voice and Skype), schedule appointments and other call results (including automated custom / personalized text messages and email reminders), then carry on through the interview process (2nd, 3rd as needed, as well as "bring on boards"). The software syncs with our web / cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ApplicantStream)This software is pre-release and still in beta - so please report any issues to our development team. It has not been tested on every phone.You MUST have an ApplicantStream account and subscription to use this app - it will not work without a subscription and many of the initial settings are setup on our web portal. Please contact us to set up your ApplicantStream account and / or activate that account to work with the app - you can reach us at app integrates with ApplicantStream and allows you to click your way through ApplicantStream's fully-automated mobile recruiting solution. Take advantage of the mobile placement, recruiting and on-boarding system that works in conjunction with the online ApplicantStream applicant tracking system and job board ad placement module. Recruit anywhere. Streamline your recruiting and your life.Features:• Works seamlessly with all job boards• Integrated dialer with easy results management • Integrated SMS/texting features• Fully automated hiring and on boarding processes• Intelligent name grabbing and resume parsing • Customizable duplicate filtering and notifications• View all candidate data at every step of the process from any device• Manage multiple locations and client accounts through one login